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Release – Maths-/Logic option

A subsequent release of the maths- and logic option can be realized via setup program to the Dicon 40x/50x and interface connection to the controller.

For release of this option it is not essential that the controller is fully wired; only the voltage supply of the controller must be connected.

The interface connection can be easily realized with a JUMO USB-TTL-Interface or with a JUMO RS232-TTL-Interface via the standard programming interface of the controller. Alternatively to the JUMO interface connection an optional interface RS485/RS422 can be used for connection establishment.

Access to the menu for the release of maths- and logic option via menu “Extras” - “Release of additional codes” . Before acccess to this menu, please open a setup file (e.g. via menu “File” – “New”.
With “read-out code number” the code number is displayed – for a release of the above mentioned options JUMO must be provided with this code number.





























The generated code number incl. possible sign, can be provided by E-mail, fax or phone. Upon receipt of this number, JUMO generates the release code and informs you accordingly.
Please put in this release number you get from JUMO as follows:

























The release of maths-/ logic option is completed upon input and confirmation of the release code.
In order to edit the corresponding maths- or logic formula in the setup program, you either need to re-start the automatical identification or to adjust the released option manually under “Hardware”.