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What is Eco mode? How does Eco mode work?

The aim in Eco mode is to keep the number of saved measurements as low as possible, whilst still clearly showing the course of the signal.
The number of measurements stored is dependent on the dynamics of the measurement signal.

If the measurement signal is very stable, the measurements are only stored at relatively large intervals. This is preset by "Min. Storage cycle" in normal group configuration mode.
If the measurement differs from the defined "Tolerance band" by longer than is set under "Storage cycle", additional measurements are stored. The reference point for the tolerance band is always the last measurement to be stored.

If the detailed course of the signal is less important than monitoring limits, the number of stored measurements can also be reduced by storing the "Min/max values" in conjunction with a longer storage cycle, thus saving memory space and possibly transmission time.
More detailed information on the topic of "Eco mode” can be found in section 2.8.2 of Operating Instructions B 70.6581.0.