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How do I sensibly configure the ethernet interface
of the LOGOSCREEN nt?

a) No DHCP server in the network

  • Deactivate the DHCP function on the recorder


  • Fixed IP addresses are assigned by the Administrator.
  • Advantage: The IP can be "pinged"
  • In the JUMO applications, it can be used directly.

recorders_t2q2_1 recorders_t2q2_1

b) The router operates as DHCP serverer

  • Activate the DHCP function on the recorder

  • Following network OFF/ON, the LOGOSCREEN nt automatically receives a free IP address from the assigned area
  • Because the recorder normally operates with a fixed IP address, it can then no longer be reached. Often, the IP address also changes when the network is switched OFF/ON.
    For this reason, the DHCP should only be used in connection with the DNS. The device is assigned a HOST name. Assignment of HOST NAMES to the IP addresses is the responsibility of the DNS server.
  • The JUMO application programs can operate with the HOST name.

recorders_t2q2_1 recorders_t2q2_1