More than sensors+automation

Function extension through device options

1. Release of integrators and counters as well as the maths and logics module.
Release of these software options at a later time is possible with the setup program and also directly on the device using the keys.

1.1 Proceed as follows to release the options using the keys on the device:
A code number is read out first from the logoscreen 500cf. For this purpose, invoke the following menu:
Configuration level à Device data à Option release à Determined code No.
The number code displayed here including the possible prefix is sent to JUMO by telephone, fax or mail.
JUMO will generate a device-specific release key from this code No.
Then, enter this release key into the respective field on the device to release the option. The option is immediately available and can be configured and used as required by the user.











1.2 Option release via the setup program:
The extra code "Maths", "Counters/integrators" can be released at a later time using the Logoscreen 500cf setup program and an interface connection to the recorder.
Complete wiring of the Logoscreen 500cf is not required for the option release. It is only necessary to connect the recorder voltage supply.
The interface connection can be easily established with a JUMO USB-TTL or JUMO RS232-TTL interface via the serial programming interface.
An optional RS485/RS422/RS232 interface can be used for establishing the connection as an alternative to the JUMO interface lines.
A code number for maths and counters/integrators can be generated (= read out) in the setup program under the "EXTRAS" - "Release of extra codes" menu point. The displayed code number including the possible prefix is sent to JUMO by telephone, fax or mail.
JUMO will generate a device-specific release code from this code number.
Enter this release code in the setup program in the field following "Enter release code" on the PC to release the option.




















2. Upgrade from three to six analog inputs
If required, Logoscreen 500cf delivered with three analog inputs can be upgrades at a later date to six analog inputs by the JUMO service personnel.

3. Upgrade of 4 binary inputs, 3 relays and a serial interface RS 232/485 (modbus, J-Bus)
If required, the system can be upgraded at a later time to the extra code "261“ (=> 4 binary inputs, 3 relay outputs, serial interface RS232/485) by the JUMO service personnel.