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How to change the operating language?

The language can be changed with the setup program or directly on the device.
From the device software 196.02.01, eight device languages are provided: German, English, Spanish, French, Polish, Swedish, Italian and Portuguese.
Older devices cannot be updated to all current languages.

Changing the language with the setup program:
1. Open the setup program
2. Connect the device to the setup
3. Read the data from the device
4. Select the device data
5. Change the language
6. Transmit the data back to the device
Changing the language on the device:
The device language is changed in the operator level.
1. Press the PGM key for more than 3 seconds
2. Activate the device at the administrator level (standard password 300 can be changed by the customer)
3. Use the PGM key to select the parameter level
4. Use the arrow key to go to the device data parameter and select with the PGM key
5. Use the PGM key to select the language parameter
6. Select the desired language with the arrow keys and confirm with the PGM key
7. Press the EXIT key to exit the parameter level