More than sensors+automation


Components and modules: ranging from the case to the microswitch for a variety of sensor applications


  • Deep-drawn parts: for temperature probes, transmitter cases, bezels
  • Diecast parts: case for temperature/pressure regulator and transmitter
  • Stamped parts: plugs, contacts, case
  • Ceramic parts: for pressure/temperature sensors, insulating ceramic tubes and sleeves
  • Catalog/DIN parts: connection elements, plugs, case, screw connections
  • Glass parts: pipes/rods/granulate



  • Microswitches: for temperature and bimetal controller, switching elements
  • Pressure sensor: components for low pressure and high pressure
  • Housing systems: according to drawing specifications and supplier catalog
  • OEM: sensor systems


Articles of trade

  • Sensors: temperature, pressure, flow, humidity, co2
  • Device accessories: screw connections, barrier systems, installation goods