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Reverse osmosis

Ultra-pure water monitoring in the reverse osmosis system

Reverse osmosis is widely used today as a process for producing ultra-pure water. The principle of osmosis is baed on the process of equalizing the concentration of two liquids with different concentrations with the aid of a semipermeable membrane as a result of osmotic pressure. JUMO offers you various options for monitoring the process with hygienic sensors and transmitters. The conductivity transmitter offers you temperture compensation to ASTM D 1125-9 and limit monitoring to USP (water conductivity <645>).

Conductivity measurement in ultra-pure water

Monitoring the quality of ultra pure water by means of conductivity is the safest and most reliable method.
A complete measurement chain for conductivity in ultra pure water comprises a JUMO AQUIS 500 CR, dTRANS CR 02 or ecoTRANS Lf 03 ultra pure water transmitter/controller, a JUMO tecLine Lf-VA conductivity cell with integrated temperature probe and a connecting cable. JUMO ultra pure water transmitters provide you with exact cell constant entry, temperature compensation to ASTM D 1125-95 and limit monitoring to USP (water conductivity <645>).

pH-measurement technology in ultra-pure water

pH measurement in ultra pure water is a stipulation in many areas. But because of the low conductivity and low ionic strength of ultra pure water, there are technical problems associated with measuring the pH value. JUMO’s solution here is the refillable JUMO tecLine pH electrode with a KCl storage vessel.