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Because of the high water supply the barley begins with the germination. During the germination enzymes are formed, which are necessary for the mashing process in the brewery.

Reliable temperature monitoring during germination with the JUMO mTRON T automation system

During germination, the enzymes that will later be needed to make the beer are formed. It is crucial that the air being introduced has been sufficiently moistened to prevent the barley from drying out and instead to maintain a relatively constant moisture content. That is exactly what the JUMO mTRON T does. You can use it to monitor the temperature of the outside air simply and easily and then show the results with the visualization program. JUMO mTRON T modules also provide control of turners and an additional wetting plant.

Reliable display and monitoring of test points with the SVS3000

You can integrate the entire malthouse with our SVS3000 plant visualization software. This will give you a quick overview of the entire plant so you always have information about all relevant processes.