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The new surface-optimised plastic temperature probe The new JUMO TYA S200 series Reliable wireless measurement

The new surface-optimised plastic temperature probe

70 % time saving during assembly, very good heat transfer, fast response time. Convince yourself of all the advantages of the new JUMO plastoSENS T04!

The new JUMO TYA S200 series

The microprocessor-based thyristor power controllers (single-phase and three-phase) impress with intuitive operation and high process security.

Reliable wireless measurement

Do you know the JUMO Wtrans T device which requires no wiring thanks to wireless technology? Get to know our RTD temperature probe with wireless data transmission here.

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Innovative cutting-edge performance for your success.

JUMO is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of industrial sensor and automation technology. Our innovative product range includes the entire measuring chain from sensors to automation solutions for temperature, pressure, liquid analysis, flow rate, filling level and humidity.

JUMO always aims to provide our customers with the optimal solution for process reliability, energy efficiency and cost optimization.

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