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Export Control

Exporting companies are obliged to check if goods to be exported are subject to trade restrictions (such as current embargo regulations). Export goods may be traded freely only if the security interests of the individual countries and the peaceful coexistence of the peoples are not put at risk.

JUMO GmbH & Co. KG complies with this obligation. We have introduced an Export Compliance Management system that is tailored to our corporate group. We deliberately distance ourselves from any illegal sales processes such as participation in activities for the development, production, and distribution of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons as well as carrier rockets. We ensure the greatest possible degree of legal security in all import and export processes by classifying our products according to the current goods lists, checking the destination country for any embargo regulations, reviewing the end customers according to sanction lists, and inquiring about the use of our products.

The Export Control Department provides central support for the corporate group both in Germany and abroad. Our team will be glad to advise you at any time about any questions you might have regarding this topic. We are also available for any inquiries about export control declarations or reviews of sanction lists. You can contact us by phone at the telephone numbers shown above or by email to


M.Eng. Maria Wiegand
M.Eng. Maria Wiegand

Export Control Specialist

Phone: +49 661 6003 9559

Declaration on Export Restrictions

Please note: some JUMO products are also subject to export control restrictions (such as the EC Dual-Use Regulation). A "dual-use product" may be used in both a civilian and a military context. It is therefore necessary to obtain a permit from the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (Bundesamt für Ausfuhrkontrolle und Wirtschaft, BAFA) for certain export projects. You can find out which products are affected in the "Declaration on Export Restrictions".

Supplier's Export Control Declaration

JUMO and its suppliers have a common obligation to comply with the legal requirements of export control and ensure their consistent implementation. For these reasons, we expect our suppliers to provide us with the necessary foreign trade documentation on time. The required information can be found in the Supplier's Export Control Declaration.

If you need a long-term supplier declaration from JUMO, please contact us by e-mail: