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JUMO eTRON M100 Electronic 2-Channel Microstat (701066)


  • 2 analog inputs for RTD temperature probes Pt100, Pt1000, KTY1X-6, or KTY2X-6 in 2-wire circuit
  • Available with a maximum of two 16 A relays and two 8 A relays
  • All relay functions can be freely assigned to the two analog inputs.
  • Optionally available with buzzer for acoustic alarm
  • Customer-specific linearization programmable using setup program
  • Operating hours counter with integrated service counter
  • Alarm via relay or buzzer
  • Available with data logger and RS485 interface.
  • The data logger records the measuring inputs and switching statuses of all relays.
  • Individual release of up to 8 parameters for the operating level
  • Code-protected parameter level prevents unauthorized access to device data
  • Fulfills the requirements according to DIN EN 12830 and DIN EN 13485
  • Setup program to configure the device and evaluate the data logger


The 701066 is an electronic 2-channel microstat for universal use and for connection to RTD temperature probes Pt100, Pt1000, KTY1X-6, or KTY2X-6. The two measuring inputs measure temperatures that are available as the actual value and that can be assigned to the relays as the user sees fit. 3 relays (1 changeover contact and 2 N/O contacts) are available. An additional relay (1 changeover contact) or a buzzer is available as an option. The measured values and parameters are displayed on a three-digit display with lit background. The switching statuses of relays K1 to K4 are indicated by yellow LEDs. The electrical connection is made via screw terminals. The device is operated and parameterized via 4 keys.


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Setup JUMO eTRON M100 701061

Download  213.exe ()  (33.5 MB)

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Accessory articles

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PC interface with converter USB/TTL price on request
mounting bracket f. DIN-rail 76mm x 36mm price on request
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Basic type: JUMO eTRON M100 2-channel microstat

Option 1: 2 measurement (Pt100zl, Pt1000zl, KTY2X-6) inputs and 4 relays

Option 2: Not to be used

Voltage supply (DIN EN 50121): AC/DC 12 to 24 V +/-15 %, 48 to 63 Hz

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