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We offer a large scope of technical literature for beginners and experts:

  • Electrical Temperature Measurement with thermocouples and resistance thermometers FAS 146 EN
  • Error Analysis of a Temperature Measurement System FAS 625 EN
  • Information on high-purity water FAS 614 EN
  • Information on redox voltage measurement FAS 615 EN
  • Information on pH measurement FAS 622 EN
  • Information on measuring ammonia in water FAS 631 EN
  • Information on the Measurement of Hydrogen Peroxid and Peracetic Acid FAS 628 EN
  • Information on the amperometric measurement of free chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone in water FAS 619 EN
  • Information on Conductivity Measurement FAS 624 EN
  • Control Engineering Basic principles and tips for practitioners  FAS 525 EN
  • Thyristor Power Controllers FAS 620 EN
  • Explosion Protection in Europe FAS 547 EN
  • Functional Safety - Safety Integrity Level (SIL) FAS 630 EN
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