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What is the current source function used for?


The current source function (parameter P8) can be used for manual setting of the mA value at the output of the pressure transmitter to a defined value, regardless of the actual pressure prevailing at the moment.
This saves having a separate current source.

This makes it easy to test the 2-wire current loop circuit.

For example:

  • Is the supply voltage still adequate at 21.5 mA?
  • Is the display on the PLC functioning properly?
  • Does a contact (if used) switch when the limit value is reached?
  • etc.

The current source function is standard for all HART instruments.

Possible settings:

3,85 mA
4,00 mA
Measurement range 0%
12,00 mA
Measurement range 50%
20,00 mA
Measurement range 100%
21,50 mA