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Scaling of pressure measurement instruments


Intelligent transmitters with digital electronics can already convert the measurement signal in the sensor from the original pressure unit into a unit that is better suited to the application.
This serves not only for easier use but also to reduce the processing that has to be performed by other instruments in the measurement system.

Application examples:

for measuring pressure: display in psi or Torr or kg/cm2
for filling level meaurement: display in cbm or liters or cmH20
for flow measurement: display in cbm/h or liters/minute

JUMO instruments with scaling:

The JUMO dTRANS p02 series only applies scaling to the value displayed by the LCD, while the value of the analog output
(in mA) remains unaltered.

The scaling function in the JUMO CANtrans series directly alters the measurement that is transmitted via the digital CAN bus to the control system.