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Is it possible to display the recorder screen online via Ethernet and the web browser on the PC?

The standard web server function of Logoscreen nt 706581, allows online display of the recorder screen with regard to measurement data visualization.
You can select and change the view on the PC independently of the current display on the paperless recorder.
For security reasons, changes can only be made to the configuration via the Setup program or directly on the recorder.

Brief introduction to the topic of the web server using as an example, Logoscreen nt and a PC within a company network:
1. The Microsoft Internet Explorer is required as the web browser
2. As SVG images (SVG = Scalable Vector Graphics) are used within the web server, to display these correctly, the web browser needs a plug-in such as the SVG Viewer from Adobe (
3. Establish a direct Ethernet connection between the PC and Logoscreen nt, as described below this article
4. If the current IP address of the Logoscreen nt is now entered in the Internet Explorer, a window opens to query the user name and password for logging in to Logoscreen nt.
(Factory setting: user = Master, password = 9200)

Online visualization is then set up. Here you can toggle between the various presentations.


For more information, see section 6.14 of Operating Instructions B 70.6581.6, under “Web server”.
These operating instructions can be selected from the Setup program under "Info" - "Software Documentation".