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Where can the time range displayed on the screen of the LOGOSCREEN nt be adjusted?

The time between the two lines of the grid comes from the current storage cycle multiplied by 60.

With a set storage cycle of 0 seconds, the LOGOSCREEN nt operates at 125 milliseconds. This results in 7.5 seconds per grid.
With a storage cycle of 10 seconds, there are 10 minutes between the two grid lines. This means that about 24 minutes are displayed on the screen.


A display range that is not dependent on the actual storage cycle can be obtained as follows:

  • The relevant channels are assigned to two groups in parallel
  • One group is intended for the storage, the other group for the screen display
  • So the only difference in the group configurations is with regard to measurement data storage (>Parameter - "Status" - "Displays only") and the storage cycle