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What does "pinging" mean and how is it executed?

  • The console is activated via start, execute and entering the CMD.

  • To execute the PING command:

Type PING,
Then enter a space by hitting the space bar once,
Then type in the IP address. (Example: ping

  • The service must be activated and supported by the network.
  • Firewall must permit the command, if necessary, switch it off during use
  • Ping can be used to test whether or not the LOGOSCREEN nt is connected correctly from the technical standpoint.
  • Prerequisite to using a Ping is that the IP or host name of the device must be known.

If the host name is known, a PING can also be set on it.
The command syntax consists of: PING Space Host Name, e.g. ==> ping jumo device

Valid Ping

  Invalid Ping