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Two lines per channel

If two lines or two columns appear per input signal on the recorder or when evaluating the PCA3000, the following reason applies:
The setting Peak values is factory set under "Recording" - "Normal operation" - "Saved values:". With this setting, the min and the max value is determined and saved in each memory cycle.
This peak value recording is particularly suitable for applications, to which the following statements apply:

  • The detailed curve history is of low importance in the later evaluation
  • However, very short peaks / deviations are to be documented (analog inputs are continuously scanned at 250 milliseconds)
  • Memory space is to be saved (set a relatively high memory cycle time)

For several "Standard applications", we recommend to select the setting "Average Value"
under "Saved values:". Then the Logoscreen 500cf calculates the respective average value from the measured values collected in the memory cycle prior to saving and saves only one value per cycle. In this case, only one line per channel is displayed.