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Software for the Logoscreen 500cf

The following PC software is optionally available for the Logoscreen 500cf:

  • PC setup program for comfortable configuration of the paperless recorder. The configuration data can be exchanged between the PC and the paperless recorder via interface or CF card. The JUMO USB-TTL or JUMO RS232-TTL interface and the serial programming interface can be used to establish an online connection to every Logoscreen 500cf. For devices equipped with the optional RS232/RS485 or ethernet interface, the configuration data can also be transmitted in this way.
  • PC evaluation software PCA3000
    Evaluation, archiving and, if required, printing or exporting the measured values saved in the paperless recorder is carried out via the PC evaluation software PCA3000. The PCA3000 can directly access the raw data in the paperless recorder via the CF card.
  • PCA communication server software PCC
    The PCA communication server software PCC is required when measured data are to be directly read out from the paperless recorder online via an interface (and possibly with modem) instead of via the CF card.

The following applies to all three software products:
The current version is always available for free download on the JUMO homepage. A licence number, which has to be purchased, is required for use as full version. The purchased licence number will remain valid during an update.
The PCA3000 can be used for displaying PCA archive data without licence number for transmitting recorded measured values, e.g. to customers or authorities.