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How can I configure the user level?

The user level is an additional level that will only be visible when it has been configured. Up to 8 application-specific parameters can be shown here, and edited within this level.
In the Setup program, under the menu item ”Display” - ”User level”, you can select the parameters for the user level by entering the addresses and defining customer-specific names for them.

Examples of addresses:
(Limit comparator for threshold Al 1, address 0x026F)
See Operating Instructions B 70.3590.6 - Modbus addresses
See Operating Instructions B 70.3590
Caution! For Float parameters you must take the corresponding address +1
(e.g. Limit comparator for threshold Al 1, address 0x026F +1 = 0x0270)
Note: This only applies up to and including device version 162.02.05