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How can I start the autotuning function of the program controller?

The preconditions for starting the autotuning function of the JUMO IMAGO 500 are that the device is in the basic status and autotuning has been enabled in the configuration level.
The output that is to be optimized must be set correctly (e.g. relay / analog output / solid-state). See Operating Instructions B 703590 ”Controller 1 (2...4) > Autotuning”.
Activating the Exit/Hand button for > 2seconds switches the program controller over to ”Manual mode”. Use the UP/DOWN button to enter the required value for the setpoint, and confirm with ENTER.
Activating the buttons0.10C and then0.32C produces the0.6A6 button, which can be used to start the autotuning and stop it again. The use of this softkey/button combination only optimizes the channel that has been selected for display.