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Switch between current and voltage for the analog output.


The analog output (output 3) is an optional output and is not fitted in the standard instrument. If the output has been included in the order, then the output signal can be changed between current and voltage by means of solder links on the output board. The signal start 0 or 2 V, or 0 or 4 mA, is set at the configuration level C 114.

It can be seen from the type designation whether a dTRON 16.1 with an analog output has been supplied. Please refer to the operating instructions, chapter 2 “Identifying the instrument version”.

The following two solder links on the analog output board must be altered accordingly when changing between current and voltage signal:



Output signal range Solder link S 602 (S1) Solder link S 602 (S2)
0/4 - 20 mA open open
0/2 - 10 V closed closed