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How to check the correct function (actual value display) of the device and the cable?

The actual value can be preset by an Lf simulator. If the simulator is not available, it is possible to connect a resistance via a fixed resistor to the two input terminals of the device and, to check the cable, to the end of the cable.
The actual value can be read on the device according to the resistance.
The required resistance can be calculated using a formula.
The device should have factory settings and should not display any error message.

For example:
Measuring range 0...100uS
Desired displayed value 50uS
Cell constant K=0.1


R (measuring cell resistance) = 0.01 (cell constant K)
                                                    5 uS (desired displayed value)
This results in a measuring cell resistance R of 2000 Ohm, which has to be connected to the two terminals 6 and 7.