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What is a CIP process (Clean in Place/ Process)?

CIP is a concept, in which the cleaning and disinfection dissolution circulates in the circuit without dismantling the system to be treated. This is called a circulation, circuit or recirculation cleaning process that is mainly controlled automatically by programs.
The CIP cleaning concept can be used in systems where circuits can be established, e.g. in tank systems, process lines for the drinking milk production, the butter production, the cheese production, the dried milk production or beverage industry (e.g. in breweries).
The task of the conductivity measuring technology is to control the concentration of the cleaning and disinfection solutions in the supply containers and at decisive points during the process. The concentration in the lye and acid container must kept constant by intensification with concentrated lye or acid. The conductivity of the hot water must be controlled because this is the fluid that comes into contact with the product.