A wireless temperature measurement offers diverse advantages

Wireless temperature measurement: A trend-setting technology

Wireless temperature measurement is a trend-setting technology with many advantages. First, the cable connections which are limiting and prone to malfunctions are no longer required. In the past, long connecting cables of wire-connected systems were often obstructive for the user. Today, state-of-the-art radio transmission technology ensures free space.

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Compared to the solutions connected by cables, costs for expensive special cables are no longer a factor and the costs for maintenance, repair and for new installations are reduced. The modern JUMO Wtrans wireless technology is the practical and economic alternative compared to common solutions in the field of temperature measurement technology. The JUMO Wtrans system is equipped with a JUMO platinum temperature sensor Pt 1000 and offers the same reliability and accuracy as all other JUMO temperature measuring devices:

Wireless temperature measurement works with state-of-the-art technology

A wide range of application possibilities are available for wireless temperature measurement. The wireless systems are already in use in the food processing industry, in freight monitoring or in warehouses and provide reliable and precise measuring results.

As a customer-oriented company with a long tradition we would be happy to advise you about converting to the new wireless technology. We set the highest standards because our advanced Wtrans wireless technology aims at facilitating your work on a sustainable basis.

All our products, from the temperature transmitter to the latest radio system, distinguish themselves by very high quality. Thus, they are perfect for use in a rough and demanding industrial environment. Wireless temperature measurement provides the user with productive mobility and numerous flexible application possibilities.

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