Thyristors optimize your energy management

Thyristors optimize your energy management

In times of continuously increasing energy costs, thyristor controllers help save energy. Their function principle is simple: They take over several process-supporting tasks such as controlling heating elements in kilns or the lighting in industrial halls.

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For this purpose, a wide range of information must be collected to be able to efficiently control the energy consumption. Processes can only be optimized if an overview is maintained. JUMO thyristor controllers TYA 201 or TYA 202 are used in processes in which high loads require switching. They combine the advantages of a normal variable transformer with that of a thyristor controller for current limiting or load monitoring. The mains load can be optimized by dual energy management and, as a result, a uniform mains load can be achieved. Thyristor controllers are also used effectively in industrial furnace construction or the plastic manufacturing sector.

Thyristor controllers offer cost benefits in many areas

Thyristor controllers offer numerous cost-saving possibilities due to their versatile functions. The user can even save time using the JUMO configuration program for easy and comfortable commissioning/start-up. Further features such as burst firing mode and phase angle control mode allow for a malfunction-free process sequence and, as a result, offer high process reliability.

JUMO has a wide product range of measuring and control devices comprising individual sensors, controllers and thyristor controllers up to complete automation solutions.

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