Ordering thermocouples as accessory equipment

Thermocouples for temperatures up to 1600 °C

JUMO's wide range of products also includes thermocouples which can be ordered as accessories. They are suitable as exchange elements for push-in thermocouples. Depending on the thermocouple, temperatures of up to 1600 °C can be detected without problems. Thermocouples have versatile uses which is why JUMO provides different designs. The JUMO temperature limiter/monitor 08, for instance, is suitable for controlling and monitoring temperatures: The temperature limiter/monitor is often used for safeguarding combustion plants or boilers. It switches the connected system to a safe operating status if a preset temperature is exceeded. This way, continuous process safety is ensured.

Here you will find our product overview

Thermocouples: Reliable sensors

Sensor technology and automation are among JUMO's core expertise. Regardless of whether individual modules or complete systems are required, JUMO delivers the perfect solutions for your plant. As an expert in measurement and control technology JUMO continuously develops its products in close cooperation with its customers. JUMO also offers paperless recorders in its product range to visualize measured results in a particular clear and practical manner. Depending on the requirements, values measured by thermocouples can be recorded and evaluated while being secure against manipulation. In this manner, collecting and evaluating data is very much made easier.

From temperature to pressure: JUMO measuring and control devices can be easily connected to each other. Furthermore, accessories such as individual thermocouples can be easily reordered.

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