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Temperature switches for thermal processes

The term "temperature switch" is found wherever thermal processes are to be regulated and controlled. JUMO, as a manufacturer of products in the field of measurement and control technology (which includes the temperature branch) offers a wide range of products. In this manner, for example, thermostats can be used as temperature limiters, dial thermometers with contact as well as bimetal temperature switches.

Here you will find our product overview

Use of bimetal temperature switches

Bimetal temperature switches can be used as a simple means for monitoring and regulating temperature. The JUMO bimetal switches are equipped with the fixed chosen switching point and sealed in the suitable fitting depending on customer requirements. This allows for a reliable positioning of the switching element in the direct vicinity of the relevant process.

Thermostats as temperature switches

Electro-mechanical thermostats operate according to the fluid expansion principle. Thermostats can be used as temperature controllers, temperature monitors, safety temperature limiters or safety temperature monitors. The customer can set the temperature controllers and monitors to the desired switching point by means of a spindle. Safety temperature monitors and safety temperature limiters can be delivered either as adjustable devices or as devices that are set to a fixed switching point.

Dial thermometers as temperature switches

Dial thermometers with contact can also be used as temperature switches. In this case, an additional benefit is the permanent indication of the current temperature value on the scale. Dial thermometers with contact used as temperature switches can be equipped with up to two switching contacts. As a result, it is possible to control and regulate a process within defined limits.

The application of electro-mechanical components as temperature switches offers many advantages. These include a low purchasing price as well as low operating costs (function without auxiliary energy).

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