JUMO redox electrodes for professional applications

Redox electrodes: High-quality electrodes for industrial applications

An extensive selection of high-quality electrodes is available for the most varied applications with the JUMO redox electrodes. For example, for many years we have produced and continue to produce the JUMO ecoLine electrodes with the proven JUMO U glass. In addition, we are manufacturing the JUMO BlackLine electrodes with low-ohmic-resistance UW glass so that the measured values can be determined quickly and reliably.

Here you will find our product overview

The production of the JUMO tecLine redox single combination electrode distinguishes itself by the use of high-quality components which are also suitable for extreme process conditions. The JUMO redox electrodes are particularly suitable to maintain a reliable and efficient process sequence. Of course the JUMO experts also develop tailor-made solutions based on customer-specific requirements.

Redox electrodes for the decontamination of wastewater

Contaminated wastewater (e.g. contaminated with cyanide, chromium or nitrite) must be decontaminated prior to being passed on to the industrial wastewater of the sewage plant. Measuring the redox potential by means of redox electrodes is the most reliable measuring method to control decontamination.

To carry out the desired reactions it is important to adjust the correct pH value beforehand. The redox electrode can be used subsequently to measure the potential of the solution. Once the potential jump is reached the respective valves can be opened or closed via the corresponding transmitters. Setting a timer can ensure a specific reaction time of the solution once the potential jump was recorded by the redox electrodes.

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