innovative Pressure Transmitters for the Toughest Requirements

A pressure transmitter detects adjacent relative and absolute pressures in liquid as well as in gaseous media. In so doing, the pressure to be measured is converted into the mechanical displacement of a measuring membrane. The sensor that is located inside the measuring membrane subsequently transforms the physical quantity pressure into an electrical standard signal

Our product overview

Thanks to the in-house production of these measuring cells JUMO can already accommodate the most diverse customer requests in this early stage of production. JUMO can adapt the measuring cell of the pressure measuring devices not only to the respective measuring principle (such as silicon-piezoresistive, metal thin film, ceramic thick film, or capacitive ceramic) but also the physical quantity and material of the measuring cell.

Application areas of the pressure transmitters

JUMO pressure transmitters supply reliable and secure measuring results regardless of whether they are used for high-precision pressure measurement in the process industry, for hygienic pressure measurement in the food and pharmaceutical industry, or for universal measuring tasks in mechanical and plant engineering.

Pressure measuring devices and pressure transmitters perform their tasks in those locations where especially reliable and exact functionality count. The pressure transmitters by JUMO have a variety of process connections to guarantee flexible adaptation to the respective process. This way we can individually adapt to the requirements of our customers' particular production environment.

Quality product - pressure transmitter

All JUMO products (e.g. pressure transmitters or temperature transmitters) comply with the highest quality and safety requirements. These are guaranteed by the complete final inspection in an automated measuring and calibration system. We fundamentally always focus on our customers' needs. As a result the pressure transmitter JUMO MIDAS S05, for example, stands out through its high quality while at the same time having a competitive price.

Thanks to the excellent price performance ratio of the complete JUMO MIDAS series you are being offered the ideal solution when looking for reliable, long-term, and compact measurement technology. The JUMO dTRANS p30 series distinguishes itself through its universal applicability. The large selection of measuring ranges, process and electrical connections, a high temperature variant, and a variant with explosion protection complete the adaptability in nearly all fields of application.

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