Pressure transducers for industrial use

Pressure transducers for applications in the most varied branches

JUMO has developed special pressure transducers for applications in the most varied branches. Whether in refrigeration engineering or the packaging industry: Numerous companies employ the JUMO pressure transducers. Our pressure measuring devices meet the highest requirements concerning quality, efficiency and user-friendliness as do all products in our product range.

Here you will find our product overview

JUMO provides sensor technology from one source which, depending on the requirements, is especially adapted to the respective branch of the customer. The product range also includes an extensive range of accessories. Due to the decades of experience in the development and production of sensor technology, we combine sturdiness and reliable measurement technology with high-quality materials in our measuring devices. Thus, the JUMO pressure measuring devices can also be used in rough environments and have a long operating life.

JUMO pressure transducers measure reliably

JUMO offers a versatile product range of pressure transducers as well as solutions for special applications. For example, for filling level measurement via the hydrostatic pressure different products can be recommended depending on the measuring task. In pressurized tanks, for instance, the differential pressure transmitter JUMO dTRANS p20 DELTA is mainly used. However, for pressureless tanks, special level measuring probes and pressure transmitters are available.

Pressure surges are a frequently occurring problem during measurements with water or in hydraulic systems. These can destroy sensitive pressure sensors, which is the reason why JUMO offers a special extra code for this model. In this version, a choke is welded into the pressure channel which reduces the pressure peaks. This way, the pressure transducer retains its long operating life.

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