A pressure sensor is mandatory in many application areas

Pressure sensor for the industry

A pressure sensor is the heart of every pressure transducer. Several sensor types are used to perfectly meet the wide range of requirements from different applications at all times. All sensor principles determine the pressure indirectly via the deformation of a flexible element. The following pressure sensor variants are available in the field of pressure measurement technology: Inductive, capacitive, thin-layer expansion measuring strip, thick-layer expansion measuring strip and piezoresistive pressure sensor.

Here you will find our product overview

The material used for a pressure sensor depends on the measuring principle and the application. The piezoresistive pressure sensor is mainly made of silicone. Due to the increased resistance change of the silicone (by almost 100 times) it is possible to implement very small pressure sensors or very low measuring ranges up to the mbar area.

Precise and reliable: A JUMO pressure sensor

Due to the sturdy and very reliable functions of our pressure transmitters, such as the dTRANS p20 series, measurement is possible under rough conditions and in almost all mediums. Overload-resistant and long-term stable sensors ensure process-reliable operation. Operation and installation of the precision devices are problem-free with a low degree of assembly work.

The level measuring probes of the MAERA series are equally versatile in their uses. These devices are the preferred choice in level and filling level measurement. They have excellent long-term stability and a high degree of overload resistance. The probes are designed for inside and outside installation and are optionally available with an integrated temperature sensor. JUMO also provides an extensive range of practical accessories for products from the MAERA family. These accessories are completely adapted to customer requirements.

Our quality products are all "Made in Germany" and meet the prescribed standards. Whether you are looking for measuring devices for differential pressure measurement or for relative or absolute pressure: A JUMO pressure sensor will provide the best results and permanent maximum efficiency.

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