Paperless recorder: The new generation

Paperless recorder: Paperless recording of analog & digital measured data

The paperless recorders of JUMO are perfect for paperless recording of analog and digital measured data. The recorded data can be displayed in different ways: As measured value curve, bar graph or alphanumerical process screens. The evaluation of archived data is as easy as recording due to the special evaluation software.

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The practical configuration via PC is also very user-friendly. JUMO offers its customers the possibility of more economic production due to highest level of innovation. We apply all our competence in the field of measurement technology to achieving this goal. Our experience is based on a company history of more than 60 years. The result are practical and high-quality products (such as paperless recorders or pressure transmitters) that are highly appreciated throughout the world.

User-friendly paperless recorders

The LOGOSCREEN nt presented by JUMO is an innovative and highly modern paperless recorder. Among the features of the device are intuitive operation and easy commissioning/start-up. It simultaneously fulfills a high safety standard due to its data archiving that cannot be manipulated and its access control by means of a password. The device is perfectly equipped for the most varied customer requirements with its 3 to 18 measuring inputs because temperature sensors, pressure transmitters as well as pH sensors can be connected depending on the application. The selection between various operating languages, a color graphical display and the operation via rotary knob or touchpad allow even more user-friendly use.

All these characteristics of the paperless recorders as well as a PLC control system are also combined in the automation system of JUMO so that JUMO is able to always offer a solution to its customers even with growing requirements.

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