Inductive conductivity measurement in CIP cleaning

Inductive conductivity measurement: Determination of the acid / lye concentration

Inductive conductivity measurement is frequently used for CIP cleaning. Here the inductive conductivity measurement helps to determine the concentration of the used acids and lyes as well as to determine the phase separation between acid/lye and water.

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For CIP cleaning a JUMO-MID flow rate transmitter is also used to ensure the flow rate of the used chemicals. An inductive flowmeter offers the advantage of being able to simultaneously measure and control the flow. The high quality of the JUMO products ensures optimum results. We always adapt to market requirements with our innovative developments. JUMO continuously develops their products according to customer requirements to meet the high expectations of our customers. This allows an extensive variant range in our offered product program.

Inductive conductivity measurement for hygienic applications

Production lines are never solely cleaned with water. Aggressive and very hot cleaning agents are frequently used and the conductivity sensor must be resistant to those. For this purpose, inductive conductivity measurement is particularly suitable because the measuring instrument itself does not come into contact with the solution to be measured. The measuring cell consists of two magnetic coils that are completely embedded in a plastic body. Thus the measuring cell can be used in aggressive and soiled medium.

When using the inductive conductivity measurement in the food sector the measuring cell must be cleaned hygienically and properly. For this purpose there is a special design with an EHEDG certificate which confirms the cleaning capability. The JUMO products for the inductive conductivity measurement are always the latest-state-of-the-art.

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