JUMO high-capacity pH sensor

pH sensor for pressure of up to 10 bars

Every individual JUMO pH sensor is a product of high quality that is subject to the respective inspections and tests. In this manner we can ensure that only the best measurement technology leaves our company. Our glass electrodes are so sturdy that they are resistant to pressure of up to 10 bars. In addition, they effectively operate within the entire pH range and can be used in almost any measuring medium.

Here you will find our product overview

The measuring chain has an extremely high resistance which is the basis for its long operating life. We always supply precise solutions which, in addition to the standard applications, can be individually adapted to special requirements.

JUMO's progressive technology requirements enable us to optimally meet the requirements of our customers. The combination and variation possibilities of our products are extensive: In addition to a pH sensor we also supply the required transmitters and control units from our own in-house production.

pH sensor for the most varied applications

A pH electrode is a sensitive measuring device which has a long operating life when used correctly and care/service work is carried out at regular intervals. The selection of a suitable sensor depends on the application. For applications with high temperatures and aggressive mediums we recommend to connect the pH sensor to the process via quick-change fitting. In this manner, it is possible to only move the sensor into the process for the measuring cycle and subsequently clean it as required. This, for example, can considerably extend the operating life of a pH electrode.

Various glasses and diaphragms can be selected depending on the application. U glass for watery mediums, HT glass for highly alkaline or high-temperature applications and DS glass for electrodes that are sterilized. The diaphragms are differentiated in ceramic / zirconium oxide diaphragms for watery mediums, glass fiber diaphragms in the drinking water sector and PTFE ring diaphragms for soiled/contaminated mediums.

One pH sensor, various possibilities

A pH sensor is used in many industrial sectors due to its versatile composition: In wastewater technology, the chemical industry, for laboratory measurement or even to monitor swimming pool water. The JUMO tecLine pH electrode, for example, is a professional pH sensor for the industry and process measurement technology.

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