High Quality-Differential Pressure Transmitter by JUMO

Differenzdruckmessumformer: Siliziumsensor mit  Edelstahl-Trennmembran

A differential pressure transmitter requires reliable sensor technology to achieve precise measurement results. The pressure sensor that records the pressure is a silicon sensor with a stainless steel separating diaphragm.

Our product overview

For special applications the measuring device is available in intrinsically safe versions. Here the two types of ignition protection - intrinsically safe Ex ia and pressure-proof housing Ex d � are available. The press and rotary knob that is located on the outside also enables use of the device in the Ex zone. The device can be aligned as required to facilitate optimal readability and the electrical installation. The driving force of JUMO's global success is the large number of innovations. We want to maintain this lead in innovation because numerous patented measuring systems � that we developed independently while consistently keeping the customer in mind � confirm this course.

Differential pressure transmitters are precision technology

Automation cannot function without precision, especially when dealing with differential pressure transmitters. The special measuring device is used when a difference between two pressures levels has to be precisely recorded. When measuring the filling level or the flow, differential pressure transmitters also have an important place among measuring devices. The differential pressure transmitter is very precise (characteristic line deviation of 0.05 %) and offers a high long-term stability of <0.1 % per year. Each customer receives the appropriate measuring and control device regardless of whether a differential pressure transmitter, RTD temperature probe, or paperless recorder is required.

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