JUMO dial thermometers for industrial use

JUMO dial thermometers are also available as accessory equipment

JUMO dial thermometers are suitable for almost all industrial applications. One large sector in which these devices are used is compressor engineering. Here dial thermometers are used for temperature display. Many well-known manufacturers in the field of compressor engineering place their trust in JUMO. JUMO can look back on a long tradition in manufacturing dial thermometers.

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Function principle of dial thermometers

A dial thermometer for recording and/or transmitting temperature can be based on two different systems. One system is a bimetal system, the other is a system filled with liquid or gas. Both systems have the advantage that operation is possible without auxiliary energy. Dial thermometers filled with liquid use the heat expansion coefficient of the filling medium to transmit the temperature value to the display via a Bourdon tube. Bimetal systems use the different length expansion coefficient of two metals. The active sensing element of dial thermometers must always make direct contact (completely immersed) with the medium to be measured. A contact-free temperature measurement, which is the case with a pyrometer, is not possible.

JUMO dial thermometers: Available product range

In addition to the differentiation between bimetal and liquid-filled measuring systems another important distinguishing feature for dial thermometers, which depends on the desired field of application, must be taken into account. JUMO offers dial thermometers with and without switching contact. This means that the current temperature can either only be read or read and then additionally lead to a switching process when a previously set temperature is reached. Dial thermometers with switching contact are available with up to two contacts. Dial thermometers with switching contacts can also be used as temperature controllers or temperature monitors.

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