Conductivity sensors for different applications

Conductivity sensors for analysis technology

In the field of analytical measurement technology JUMO conductivity sensors can be found in almost all areas of water/wastewater technology, food processing technology as well as the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The production of high-purity water is one of the most important processes in the pharmaceutical industry.

Here you will find our product overview

The quality, which can be ensured by means of a continuous conductive conductivity measurement, is a decisive factor in this process. Our conductivity sensors meet all branch-specific requirements concerning material, certification and quality certificates. Furthermore, several additional measuring and control devices are used in these branches. We produce these devices in accordance with the requirements of our customers. JUMO offers a wide range of high-quality devices. These include, among others, FDA-conform paperless recorders by JUMO, which, for instance, reliably record and archive the measured data of the conductivity sensors without any possibility of manipulation.

Conductivity sensors for various measuring ranges

Electrical conductivity is measured inductively or conductively depending on the measuring range. The inductive conductivity measurement is used in measuring ranges between 100 µS/cm and 2000 mS/cm, while the conductive conductivity measurement is used between 0.05 µS/cm and approx. 1 mS/cm. The selection of the conductivity sensor depends on the measuring range to be determined and the application.

We always work with the customer in mind so that we can provide an extensive range of products: In the field of analytical measurement technology we offer several products in addition to the conductivity sensors which are especially adapted to the requirements of our customers.

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