Conductive conductivity measurement for the production of drinking water and high-purity water

Conductive conductivity measurement for the production of drinking water and high-purity water

Conductive conductivity measurement is an important measuring method in the liquid analysis sector that is used to determine the electrical conductivity in electrolyte solutions. Processes such as desalination of seawater or production of high-purity water are rarely controllable without this measurement. The production of high-purity water is particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry because this water is the basis for a uniform product quality of pharmaceutical products.

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Only a continuous conductive conductivity measurement ensures the control of the high-purity water quality. For this purpose JUMO offers two different technologies: Your decision to use the two-electrode or four-electrode technology depends on the requirements of the application.

Different application areas for inductive and conductive conductivity measurement

The conductivity can be measured in two different ways. For example, when cleaning plants during the CIP cleaning process the inductive conductivity measurement is the best method because of the high conductivity values of acids and lyes. Measurement, for instance, is carried out with a JUMO CTI-750 which monitors and controls the cleaning agent concentration. If, on the other hand, the production of drinking water from seawater by means of reverse osmosis is monitored then conductive conductivity measurement is required due to the low measuring range.

The measuring range for the conductive conductivity measurement depends on the cell constant. The size and spacing of the electrodes determine the cell constant. For small measuring ranges the electrode surface is larger and the spacing is smaller so that a more stable signal in solutions with low conductivity is achieved. The JUMO products are available as standard devices but can also be easily adapted to special customer requirements.

JUMO can compete globally due to the high product quality in measuring and control technology. We always use our skills for innovative product extensions so that our product program includes an extensive variant range. This variety also extends to the field of inductive and conductive conductivity measurement.

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