More than sensors+automation


Active and passive components. The entire product range from resistors to microcontrollers and opto electronics.

Active components

  • Microcontrollers: 8-, 16- and 32-bit architecture.
  • Memory ICs: DRAM, SRAM, flash, EEPROM, storage cards...
  • Communication ICs: USB, LON, Modbus, CAN...
  • Oscillators and quartz crystals
  • A/D-, D/A as well as DC/DC-converter
  • Transistors, thyristors and diodes


Passive components

  • Resistors: SMD and wired, thin-film and thick-film chip resistors, precision resistors, MELF and micro MELF, resistor arrays...
  • Capacitors: electrolytic, tantalum, foil, ceramic multilayer capacitors...
  • Inductivities and ferrites.



  • DiDisplays: TFT and LCD technology
  • Touch panels: capacitive and resistive
  • LED displays: 7 segment displays, dot matrix
  • LEDs and optocoupler