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JUMO Platinum-Chip Temperature Sensors

in SMD Design Type According to DIN EN 60751

Platinum sensors in SMD design type are especially designed for the automatic placement on circuit boards. Their small size allows a high placement density. The patented contact technology enables outstanding processing results and a high degree of temperature cycle stability.


Solder contacts are totally free of impurities such as phosphorus or sulfur. Therefore, clean intermetallic phases can result during soldering which in turn enables excellent solder connections.
The sensor can be used up to 250 °C and effortlessly withstands soldering processes above 300 °C.

The sensors can be processed using a variety of methods:

  • Soldering with lead-free solder
  • Soldering with leaded solder
  • High temperature soldering (HMP)
  • Low temperature soldering (LMPs)
  • Via electrically conductive adhesiver
  • Ultrasound wire bonding

All that is possible with one and the same variant.

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Design types

Platinum-chip temperature sensors are available in two design types. The design types vary only in their implementation of the solder contacts. The PCS design type has a contact that is located on the back (wrap-around contact), whereas the solder contact of the PCF design type (flip chip) has a one-sided design.


Design type PCS – SMD with wrap-around contact



Design type PCF – SMD flip chip with one-sided contact

  • Secure installation without short circuit
  • Space-saving installation ensures up to 15 % more space on the circuit board
  • High degree of insulation resistance due to insulation of the side that is turned away from the circuit board
  • Flexible use even when space is constrained


Design type PCF-B – SMD (flip chip) with one-sided contact and solderable back

  • Solderable metallization (nickel-gold) on the back
  • Allows fast response times through direct thermal coupling

  • High temperature cycle resistance



The device series for platinum-chip temperature sensors is customized for all industries which require especially safe and reliable temperature measurement. Some of the application areas include measurement and control technology, heating and air-conditioning technology, and industrial electronics.

The sensors are available as prefabricated measuring inserts, the form of which can be adapted to customer-specific instructions.

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