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Two-channel temperature transmitter with HART®/Ex/SIL

The JUMO dTRANS T07 device series is a two-channel temperature transmitter with HART® communication which is available in B-head or in DIN rail housing version.
The versions with Ex and SIL approval (IEC 61 508:2010) for SIL 2/3 (hardware/software) enable secure use in demanding process applications.
The configurable transmitter transfers converted signals from RTD and TC sensors as well as resistor and voltage sensors to the galvanically isolated 4 to 20 mA current output with HART®-7 protocol. An internal sensor monitoring function and device error detection enables high measuring point availability.



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Plug-on display (option)

An optional plug-on display can be used to display the current process value on the B-head version.

Accessories: Field housing for B-head version

Field housing for probe protection tube mounting and for wall or pipe mounting

The configuration of the transmitter takes place via the HART® interface with a HART® communicator and associated JUMO DD (Device Description). Alternatively, the configuration can also be easily set through a PC with a FDT Frame Application (Field Device Tool) and the JUMO devices' DTM (Device Type Manager) in connection with a HART® modem.

The JUMO dTRANS T07 device series is customized for all industries which require especially safe and reliable temperature measurement. Application areas include the chemical industry, energy suppliers, power plants, and the oil and gas industry.

Your benefits in a nutshell:

  • Easy-to-use configuration and startup
  • Highest security in the process due to measuring point monitoring
  • Flexible use due to universal measurement inputs and optional accessories


  • Two universal measurement inputs (RTD, TC, Ω, mV)
  • High degree of accuracy as of 0.1 K with Pt100 sensor
  • Output 4 to 20 mA (single channel, loop powered)
  • Different housing versions: B-head or DIN rail
  • HART® 7 protocol with extension for "secure HART"
  • SIL 2/3 – hardware/software -  according to IEC 61 508:2010
  • Reliable measurement mode through sensor monitoring and device hardware error detection
  • Optional plug-on display for B-head version

Block diagram