Touching the future of recording: The new paperless recorder

The JUMO LOGOSCREEN 600 paperless recorder is the new starter model in the LOGOSCREEN range, which has proven itself in actual use for many years.
It sets standards for user-friendliness and performance with its revised operation and visualization concept based on symbols along with features which are unusually easy-to-use for a basic device.


Your benefits in a nutshell:


Block diagram

Product information

The JUMO LOGOSCREEN 600 paperless recorder features a resistive touchscreen and an intuitive, icon-based operation and visualization concept that makes it very easy to use.


JUMO Device App

With the new JUMO Device App, the user can now also access process data on mobile devices. All current process values as well as alarm and event lists can be viewed in a textual display. The JUMO Device App is available for Android and iOS in the respective app store.

The app can be downloaded for free using the following QR code. You can test it with the LOGOSCREEN 600 – which has been made available especially for this purpose – by entering the following IP-address: logoscreen-600.jumo.eu