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JUMO heatTHERM S600 Makes Temperature Monitoring

Simple Compact and robust surface-mounted double thermostat

PI 2158

JUMO heatTHERM S600 Makes Temperature Monitoring

JUMO heatTHERM S600 is designed for the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning industry, but it can be used wherever temperature control with safety function is required. The surface-mounted double thermostat scores points with its user-friendliness and visually appealing design.

JUMO heatTHERM S600 can be put into operation quickly and easily due to the central outlet of the thermowell and the reduced wiring effort. The electrical connection is made conveniently via screw terminals. The insertion length of the thermowell is between 100 and 300 mm.

This surface-mounted double thermostat is available per default as a temperature monitor with an adjustable safety temperature limiter that has protection type IP54. The internal values of the JUMO heatTHERM S600 are also worthy of acclaim: the switching capacity at the N/C contact can be between 24 and 230 V and 0.1 and 10 A. Operation of the device is possible up to an ambient temperature of 80 °C. A self-monitoring capillary break protection provides additional safety.



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