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5.3 Million Switching Operations with No End in Sight

Test confirms the outstanding durability of JUMO panel-mounted thermostats from the EM range

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5.3 Million Switching Operations with No End in Sight

Measurement and control technology from JUMO has been synonymous with exceptional quality and reliability for 66 years. A test conducted in the company's test laboratory has now proven just how durable its products really are.

During the test, 10 EM panel-mounted thermostats with a temperature controller function and a switching capacity of 24 V/0.1 A performed mechanical switching operations. The aim was to determine the service life of the thermostat on the basis of an average switching operation per minute. The results were a surprise – not a single thermostat failed after 5.3 million switching operations. For use in continuous operation, this result translates into a service life of 10 years. Time and capacity restrictions meant that the test was stopped at this point for the time being. However, there are other upcoming test series for this range.

JUMO panel-mounted thermostats enable efficient control of thermal processes without the use of auxiliary power. The temperature controller operates according to the fluid expansion principle, whereby the filling liquid in the measuring system expands when warmed and a microswitch is actuated via transmission mechanics. In addition to the temperature controller version, the thermostat is also available as a temperature monitor or temperature limiter. A safety temperature monitor and a safety temperature limiter (which are equipped with a self-monitoring function) may also be used to meet more stringent requirements. As such it is possible to protect any plant component against potential damage.

EM panel-mounted thermostats are used in the rail industry to monitor and control air curtain systems in trams, for example. Here, the devices are used to control two different heating levels. The EM series is also used to protect against frost in fresh water and wastewater tanks in trains. The thermostat does this by activating a heating mat as soon as the external temperature falls below 5 °C. EM panel-mounted thermostats are also used in numerous other industries.



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