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New sealing system for JUMO temperature probes for use in sterilizers

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Temperature probes are frequently exposed to extreme climatic conditions in sterilizers. Heating to a temperature of up to 137 °C, changing pressure conditions, and the additional stress of the used steam all place special demands on the probe’s seals. JUMO has therefore developed an entirely new sealing system for the STEAMtemp push-in RTD temperature probe.

The new sealing between protection fitting and cable takes place using shrink tubing which is made of particularly resistant materials. In addition, the shrink tubing is welded to both parts so that it is completely tight and strain-relieved. This construction reduces the mechanical stress on the measuring insert. This in turn has a positive influence on the accuracy, on the long-term stability, and most significant, on the lifetime of the device.

The construction of the STEAMtemp allows it to be used in pressurized atmospheres containing steam. In addition to use in sterilizers, it is also has other application possibilities. These include apparatus engineering, laboratory technology, and climatic test chambers.

All STEAMtemp versions are produced in protection type IP69. They are completely water-tight as well as pressure-tight up to 3.5 bar. The temperature probe can be used for process temperatures from -50 to +205 °C. Depending on requirements, different protection fitting options are available. Particularly quick reaction times can be achieved using a miniature version with a fitting that is only two millimeters in diameter.

The measuring insert is constructed using one or two Pt100 class A platinum sensors and is usually connected in a four-wire circuit. The standard connecting cable is 2.5 m long. Other lengths are possible. The cable can be connected to the electronics via plug-in sleeves or multi-pin connectors.



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