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Now also available in 48 x 48 mm format JUMO dTRON 300 plast

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Now also available in 48 x 48 mm format JUMO dTRON 300 plast

The highly successful JUMO dTRON 300 plast series of controllers has a new version, the JUMO dTRON 316 in 48 x 48 mm format. The mounting depth of the instrument is only 90 mm. This expansion means that there are now three device formats available to the plastics industry.
All three versions have the requisite functionality for plastics extrusion or injection molding applications.
The simple, user-friendly pattern of operation is made even easier by the brilliant and backlit, multicolor LCD display.
You only need the four keys on the front panel to operate, parameterize and configure the instrument, or you can use the convenient setup program.
The instrument is designed so that even the basic version of the controller has the most important functions relevant to the plastics industry.
Available as standard on the controller are:
- hot-channel warm-up circuit
- heater current measurement and monitoring
- leakage current monitoring
- boost function
- setpoint reductions via binary input/key
- control loop monitoring
- output level monitoring
- Autotuning (oscillatory method and step-response test)
- startup function (monitoring controller optimization)

All the instruments are freely configurable as 2-state, 3-state, modulating or continuous controllers. They can also be programmed as program controllers/generators with up to eight program segments.
Also available as options are a math and logic function, as well as an RS422/485 Modbus interface, which can be configured as the master. Other available interfaces include a PROFIBUS-DP and a 0 - 20 mA current interface.
The membrane keypad on the front panel in conjunction with IP65 enclosure protection guarantee reliability, even in harsh environments.
Two power supply versions are available: 110 - 240 V or 48 - 63 Hz AC and 20 - 53 V or 48 - 63 Hz AC/DC. Screw terminals are available for electrical connection.
UL and CUL certification exists for the 96 x 48 mm and 96 x 96 mm formats and certification is applied for, for the new format.
Application examples include: injection molding, hot-channel engineering, extrusion, plastic sheet production, packaging.
Instrument production is RoHS*-compliant, that is, pertinent provisions of use and restrictions relevant to hazardous substances were taken into consideration during development and meet 2002/95/EC.



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