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Capacitive Hygrothermo Transducers with intelligent interchangeable probes

PI 1564

Capacitive Hygrothermo Transducers with intelligent interchangeable probes

Pluggable and interchangeable measurement probes are the main characteristic of this new device series from JUMO. The flexible concept allows in practice a substantial simplification with assembly and operation. In addition savings in the area of maintenance can be reached since in many cases you can do without the time consuming and cost intensive calibration on location.
Through the new plug system and the calibration data which is provided directly in the sensor, an exchange of the probe is possible in just a few seconds. Downtimes can thus be limited to a minimum. The high measurement accuracy of the hygrothermo transducers remains unlimited through the intelligent interchangeable probes. Nevertheless the calibration keys attached inside of the device allow for a one or two point calibration of the device.
For applications in the fields of the pharmaceutical and the bio-technology industries, the new measurement encoders are now specially available with separate probes for moisture and temperature. Thus the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recommended close loop calibrations of the two outputs can be carried out in a relatively simple manner.
A reference probe set is available through the accessory program which makes possible a complete check of the analog outputs or the complete measurement loop for the function and accuracy. When mounted to the device in place of the intelligent interchangeable probes, the two reference probes contained in the set supply steadily defined moisture and temperature initial values at the upper or the lower end of the scale.
The hygrothermo transducers are designed for environmental temperatures of –40 … +60 °C. With adaptor tubes temperatures of up to 80°C can be realized. The adapter tubes can also be used without any adjustment between the interchangeables probes and the instrument housing. Apart from that they serve for an uncomplicated measurement probe extension and are available in lengths of 2 m, 5 m or 10 m. As outputs there are standardized voltage or current outputs available. A temperature scaling according to customer specification is also possible. Optionally the instrument can also be equipped with an LC display.
The especially robust metal housing (IP 65) enables the use in rough industrial environments. With the design special attention was paid to the especially smooth surface and well rounded contours. Last but not least the JUMO hygrothermo transducers can also optionally be supplied with rear cable connection which permits its application in clean rooms.



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