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JUMO PCKL Robust temperature sensor for air conditioning technology

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JUMO PCKL Robust temperature sensor for  air conditioning technology

The PCKL temperature sensors from JUMO which have been used for many years in the industry “air conditioning, heating and ventilation” in the range from –30 … +105 °C have been further developed.
A new, robust epoxide sealing protects the sensor from environmental influences. It is resistant against moisture (condensation) as well as mechanical stress and chemical exposure.
Outdoor field tests and the use in greenhouses showed the highest degree of safety.
An advantage is that this sensor can be used directly in air currents (reaction time t 0.5 = 8.3 seconds).
The especially rigid connection clamps allow for a contacting through plugged contacts. This customer friendly operation mode works without aids and facilitates a quick and safe exchange of the sensor.
The quadrangular profile of the connection wires guarantees an excellent direction stability.

The temperature sensor is available from stock in models with the base values Pt100 and Pt1000 and tolerances DIN B as well as 1/3 DIN B. The application temperature is in the range from –30 … +105 °C. The sensor has the measurement 4.3 mm x 6.3 mm x 1.8 mm (W x L x H). The connection clamps are 9.4 mm long and have a profile of 0.55 mm x 0.25 mm. The material of the clamps consists of CuSnP (phosphor bronze). Of course this sensor conforms with RoHS, the epoxide coating has the flame class V-O according to UL 94.



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