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JUMO ecoTRANS pH03 New rail-mounted transmitter for pH, redox (ORP) and temperature with relay contact

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JUMO ecoTRANS pH03 New rail-mounted transmitter for  pH, redox (ORP) and temperature  with relay contact

With the ecoTRANS pH03, a device of the successful JUMO rail-mounted measuring series “ecoTRANS”, there is now a device for pH and / or redox (ORP) as well as for conductivity or ultra pure water and / or TDS available in the same device design.
The ecoTRANS pH03 can be used in connection with commercially available pH or redox single rod measuring chains and an optional Pt100 or Pt1000 RTD temperature probe for temperature compensation.
The measured pH-value and/or the fitting redox potential as well as the temperature can be passed on to PLC or recording instrument as an industrial standard signal 0/4…20mA and/or 0/2…10V. The standard signal emissions are galvanically separated from the measuring input. The span can be freely programmed (pH: –2.00...+16.00pH; redox: –1500…+1500mV; temperature: –10…+150°C).

The temperature display can be converted from °C to °F, which increases the acceptance of the device e.g. in America and Asia.
Apart from the two norm signal outputs there is a relay with alternate contact available for simple switching tasks. An alarm can be emitted as a long term or temporary contact, but also small control tasks will be handled via limit alarm functions (min. contact, max. contact). The switching capacity of the relay is 250V AC at a max. of 8A and ohmic load.
The device can be set to a secure, pre-defined operating status (HOLD) via a binary input. In this way it can be defined which circumstances the outputs accept in HOLD mode (min. value, max. value, frozen status of last measuring value etc.) This mode ensures secure operating status e.g. during system maintenance.
The JUMO ecoTRANS pH03 is provided for non-explosion proof applications and needs a supply voltage of 20…30V DC with a power input of < 3W.
The electrical connection is maintained via screw clamps, which allow a wire diameter of 0.14…2.5mm.
The carrying rail case with the dimensions
110mm x 22.5mm x 127.5mm (H x W x D) corresponds to protection type IP20.
Four buttons are sufficient to operate this device in connection with the integrated LC display. It is easier to use the optional “PC setup programme“, particularly for the first start up. All settings can be saved as system documentation.
The operating concept work on different levels which are code word protected. Individual parameters and menus can be released or blocked by the administrator for the operating level.
The norm signal outputs and the relays can be manually activated via a simulation operation, which facilitates for example the “dry” start up of a system.
The JUMO ecoTRANS pH03 is provided for universal use in an industrial environment. Its excellent price performance ratio for best industrial efficiency makes the device an attractive product for a wide area of use.




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